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UAnet ID Information

What is a UAnet ID? Think of it as your online identity at The University of Akron.

Every student and employee of the university can have a UAnet ID. UAnet IDs for incoming undergraduate students are created automatically when they are admitted to the university. All others can create one themseves.

A UAnet ID provides you with access to:


Your email address
Every UAnet ID has an email mailbox.

Student Accounts

If you are a student and your UAnet ID is "uastudent", your email address is .

Staff and Faculty Accounts

If you are a staff or faculty member and your UAnet ID is "uastaff", your email address is .

Reading and Sending Email

Your options for reading email depend on whether you are on the student email system or the employee email system.

If you are on the student email system, you have two options. First, you can use the G Suite at Akron web interface at: Second, you can use a email client like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

If you are on the employee (Microsoft Exchange) email system, you can use a "Standalone Email Client," which is a program like Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird. There are even more features available if you use Microsoft Outlook in "Corporate/Workgroup Mode". This is a mode that was designed only for talking to Exchange and allows access to all of Exchange's features.

If you want to use a web-based email client, we suggest using Outlook Web Access (OWA), which is the webmail system that is part of MS Exchange. OWA allows you to use special features in Exchange not available on UAnet Webmail because because OWA is designed just for exchange.

On Campus Computer Access

We provide various resources, including Kiosk computers, general purpose computer labs, laptop computers for checkout, and pay-to-print stations.

My Akron

My Akron is your portal to class registration, grades, bill payment, and campus news and events.


Springboard is a system for teaching courses on-line, or supplementing traditional courses with on-line content.

Information Technology Services
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